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Our processes emphasise self-awareness, insight and personal choice.

Our aim is to support you to move towards your own personally determined and evolving future.

Transition is the common point at which individuals seek our services.

You may need to:
• Manage responses to changing work and learning environments
• Explore issues critical to your professional and personal life
• Resolve a workplace issue, manage a dispute, re-position yourself within a team
• Plan for active retirement or a sabbatical, return to work after an absence
• Undertake further education to improve competencies and capabilities
• Parent an adolescent who is uncertain about course selection
• Re-balance your social and working life to take on a new challenge
• Prepare for a promotion, negotiate your salary and conditions
• Develop current job search skills, create a resume, hone your interview technique
• Relocate yourself and/or family overseas, or move to Australia for employment
• Start a small business, accept a Board appointment or a business partnership,
• Think through ‘what do I want for myself’... and ‘where to from here’....

If you are at a personal crossroad and need to navigate to the next career stage....
Want to work with a coach to gain a winning edge...
Need to know more so you can make an informed choice....
Feel ‘stuck’... not sure what to do next....


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Private clients do not need a referral.