Dianne Nesbitt

Dianne Nesbitt    

Dianne Nesbitt

Dianne has had the privelege of assisting individuals through their career transitions for more than a decade and continues to be inspired by her clients.

As a management consultant, corporate coach and trainer she partners organisational clients on change & development interventions designed to increase profitability, retain key talent and revitalise team performance.

Dianne is the owner of Career Positive and has held roles as a Company Director. She has practical experience of the complex issues that face CEO’s, Company Directors and Small Business Owners operating in the current climate. 

Drawing on 30 years of management experience, formal qualifications and over 20,000 counselling hours, Dianne provides her clients with effective and current career development expertise. 

She has had carriage of numerous successful large scale change projects for high profile clients, offering CEOs, Managers and their teams career support services, executive mentoring, group training, mediation and facilitation, transition coaching, termination and outplacement support.

For several years she was part of a strategic alliance relationship with international accounting firm KPMG, under the auspice of their Management Consulting and Executive Recruiting Division. 

In this capacity Dianne delivered management consulting services to KPMG and to their audit & tax client base of multi-national corporations, top 500 and blue chip companies, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations based in Australia and South East Asia. 

She has provided executive outplacement, termination support on-site at announcements, post change initatives and career services to the following industry sectors:

Agriculture (Dairy; Forestry); Energy (Coal; Electricity; Gas; Petroleum)
Manufacturing (Automotive; Building materials; Chemicals & Plastics; Electrical Equipment; Pulp & Paper; Scientific Equipment); Services (Arts & Culture; Banking; Finance & Insurance; Business & Professional Services; Education & Training; Health; Retail; Transport); Sport & Tourism (Gaming; Tourism); Technologies (Biotechnology; Communication Technology & Services; Ecommerce; Information Technologies and Services); Charities; Employer Associations; Government Departments (State and Federal) and Regulatory Bodies.