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Our Approach

We value each of our clients and recognise the diversity of their history and future directions.

Our approach is outcome focused, respectful of your personal needs and designed to deliver you short-term improvements and long-term benefits. 

You can expect professional standards and tailored solutions.  

Our consultants will disclose any conflicts of interest, personal or financial, which could influence their advice.

We use valid, reliable, scientifically grounded tools and we are bound by the ethical code of our professional associations.  

Our Consultants are experienced and qualified in the use of a range of best practice assessment methods and techniques and follow ethical practice when providing feedback to our clients.

Where a released or retained employee is sponsored by their employer to meet with us, we provide written reports, where requested, to the sponsor.  Only information agreed by the employee and useful for the employer will be discussed outside a counselling session.

Career Positive treats all information about business clients, their retained and released staff and our consulting engagements confidentially and does not release any information about individuals or their companies to third parties without prior consent. 

Our reputation has been built on trust and our continued success relies on your ‘word of mouth’ feedback, recommendations and testimonials.

Contact us now for a confidential discussion of your specific development needs.